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Branding a small business blog post nov21

Small Business Branding and Marketing: Build a Brand Customers Love

Branding isn't only for multi-million-dollar corporations with big budgets. It's even more important for small businesses.
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Perceived value

Perceived Value: The Secret to More Sales and Higher Profit

Stop trying to convince prospects you're the "best" and focus on how they see your offer instead.
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Strategies for brand awareness blog post nov21

Strategies for Brand Awareness in 2023 and Beyond

10 strategies businesses can use to grab attention and grow an audience.
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Product benefits blog post nov21

3 Product Benefits Every Irresistible Offer Should Have

Use this premium brand strategy to craft an offer that makes impact.
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Premium pricing strategy

Premium Pricing Strategy for Small Business

These strategies will help your small business avoid price pressure and competitor comparisons.
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Google fonts blog post nov21

7 Great Google Font Combinations for Your Next Design

A collection of great font pairings for your website or graphic design.
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Analyze competitors website blog post nov21

Analyze Competitor Websites: The Definitive Guide

A results-driven process that will turn your website into a powerful brand advocate.
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Why small businesses fail blog post nov21

Why Small Businesses Fail: The Myth of “Great” Service

Here's why customers don't care about great service or expertise and what to focus on instead.
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Logo design tips blog post nov21

9 Logo Design Tips for Non-Designers

Create a stunning logo without wasting valuable resources.
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